Educating Mind, Heart and Spirit

The purpose of the Newman Catholic Foundation is to support and promote the Newman Catholic Schools mission of education students in the Catholic tradition to live as Christ.

Newman Catholic Foundation - Board of Directors
The Newman Catholic Foundation provides support to educational, parish and charitable groups that comprise the Newman Catholic community in Mason City, Iowa and surrounding communities in North Iowa. A Board of Directors, comprised primarily of lay people from various professional backgrounds, will individually and corporately lend their wisdom and expertise in managing, supervising and controlling the work of the foundation. On the Road for Education Marathon
  Archbishop Michael O. Jackels,
Permanent Member
  Rev. Msgr. Thomas Toale, Vicar General
Permanent Member
  Rev. John Gossman, Pastoral Coordinator
Permanent Member
  Al Winter, Annual Appointment - Newman Catholic School System Board of Education
  Michael Castle, Annual Appointment - Newman Foundation representative to Board of Education
Board Members
    Through 2015
  Abbas, Tom  
  Anderegg, Mike  
  Determan, Angela  
  McLinn, David  
    Through 2016
  Castle Mike  
  Gribben, Jeff  
  Pirkl, Paul  
    Through 2017
  Duffy, John
  Moore, David  
  Nyhus, Gary  
  Fischer, Tom  
Standing Committees
    Executive Committee - 2014/2015   Investment Committee - 2014/2015
   David McLinn - President   Braden, John
    Jeff Gribben - Vice President   Castle, Mike
    Mike Castle - Treasurer   Moore, Dave
    Determan, Angela - Secretary   Nyhus, Gary
    Gossmen, Fr. John   Pirkl, Paul
    Ptacek, Lynn (non-voting)   Gossmen, Fr. John
      Ptacek, Lynn (non-voting)
    Development & Marketing Committee -
  Finance & Budget Committee - 2014/2015
    Anderegg, Michael   John Conway
    Determan, Angela   Dirksen, Mike
    Gribben, Jeff   Gribben, Jeff
    McLinn, Dave   Hubbard, Bob
    Gossmen, Fr. John   Winter, Al
    Abbas, Tom   Ptacek, Lynn (non-voting)
    Schmit, Shelly   Gossmen, Fr. John
    Ptacek, Lynn (non-voting)  
Appointed Committees
    Nomination Committee 2014/2015  
    Determan, Angela  
    Duffy, John  
    Gossman, Fr.John  
    McLinn, Dave  
    Lynn Ptacek